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Welcome to the web pages of APEX® Ltd.

In the field of intelligent transport systems (ITS), the company APEX Ltd. develops and supplies comprehensive systems and components:

  • Control and management system for transport companies - RIKOS®
    for the Prague Municipal Transport Co.
  • GPS/GPRS digital radio monitoring system for the metropolitan transport

In the field of mobility for the visually impaired, the company APEX primarily develops and manufactures acoustic and radio systems facilitating orientation for the visually impaired – system TYFLOSET®:

  • In municipal, suburban and railway transport: announcing the number of the line, direction of travel, and the fact that a visually impaired person is boarding
  • In cities: information voice consoles, orientation acoustic signals at crossroads, in underpasses, near hospitals and municipal authorities
  • At municipal transport stops: voice information about the current schedule
  • In the subway: optical information for the train driver about a visually impaired person boarding, opening the relevant train doors
  • At the Prague-Ruzyně airport: voice information about passengers boarding and external transport, calling for first-aid service

APEX® Ltd. is competent to supply systems and equipment, including the requirements of customers, projects and installation.

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